Empire Golf Club

The Empire Golf Club is a club associated with both the United States Golf Association and the New York State Golf Association. Empire Golf Club does not have its own course. It may sound strange to some, but remember the royal and ancient golf club of St. Andrews, Scotland? Yes, the famed R&A and one of the ruling bodies of golf is also a club without a golf course. The town of St. Andrews owns all of its local golf courses.

The Empire Golf Club will function much like a private or public golf facility, but without the many obligations associated with the maintenance of such a property. Golfers that love the game but have neither the time or appetite for a golf membership at one facility will be able to enjoy the game they love at a price they can afford.

Empire Golf Club will hold bi-weekly tournaments at some of the finest facilities in the region at very competitive prices. These events will be open to all club members and prizes will be awarded for both men’s and women’s low gross and low net scoring. Imagine enjoying a competitive round of golf in a fun, relaxed atmosphere with many other enthusiastic golfers who share your love for the game. The winners and low-scorers of these bi-weekly events will be featured on our weekly TV and radio shows along with a complete tournament wrap on our website.

Perhaps the most important duty of any golf club is getting its members tee times to enjoy the game we love. By using Empire Golf Club’s website, members will be able to buy tee times at participating private and resort courses on a first come, first serve basis. These tee times will be selective and prepaid (using PayPal) and all members will are expected to abide by the rules and regulations of the participating venues.

We are very excited about our vacation and getaway deals. By using the power of a three-pronged marketing approach (television, radio and internet), Empire will be able to offer its members great times and unbelievable values all within easy driving distance.

We will also offer a pre-owned equipment area on the web site designed to help you recover from the equipment mistakes we all make from time to time. That $500-$600 driver that was going to bring your game around but didn’t may be just the thing for another member.

We invite you to become a member. Simply fill out our online application form:

No initiation fees
No assessments
Annual dues are only $29.95
Now is the time to become a golfer and not someone who just plays golf!

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